September 23 – 30, 2019
Day 349 – 3

Hitchhiking to Huaraz

Coming back from about three weeks in the Amazon jungle, I go back on the road of hitchhiking with my first time hitchhiking in Peru. My next stop is Huaraz where I will start a volunteering the next day. So no time to spare, I have to go fast!

I put a new personal record of hitchhiking in South America with 505km in a day (I also hitchhiked at night though). It seems ridiculous in Europe, but seeing how the road are here, it is pretty great.

I go back to the mountain, and the cold of the altitude. Hitchhiking in Peru start very nicely with some astonishing view 🙂

My last ride was stopped by… Two policemen. They proposed to stop vehicles for me and to ask to take me for free ! And they even said I could sleep in their car while waiting for them because it was cold. I am apparently not be first one they helped out !


I made it to Huaraz and I work in a hostel for 1 week. Nothing fancy: making breakfast, clean the hostel and prepare the rooms.

Huaraz is a nice town. But the best is the surrounding of the Cordillera blanca. A mountain chain full of hiking, trekking and climbing.

This volunteering gives me some time to prepare where I will go trekking and to find other hikers to join me.

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