October 22 – 23, 2019
Day 378 – 379

Coming back from Paracas reserve with Mathilde, we meet with Aurora, the other french girl I traveled with in Colombia and Huaraz. Together, we decide to explore the area.

We start hitchhiking the three of us. It is of course a bit more tricky, but it still worked pretty well !

We went to the Laguna Morón, a oasis located in the desert nearby. And it is not a touristic destination, so perfect for us 🙂

We arrived for the sunset at the Oasis. As expected: no one. There is just us and the lagoon.

We set up the camp, cook and enjoy our night under, again, a beautiful sky.

The next day, we can enjoy the view from the tent. We can even go for a swim in the Oasis. Again, we are alone to enjoy this scenery.

The other nice activity you can do here is sandboarding. First time of my life I try this. It is not as efficient as snowboarding because you have to climb up the dune everytime by foot. And believe me, it is very exhausting !

But it is a lot of fun. You can also fall without hurting yourself so that is a good point as well.

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