October 16 – 18, 2019
Day 372 – 37

From Huaraz, I hitchhike to Lima. I notice that hitchhiking in Peru is very different that in Ecuador or Colombia. The main reason is the fact that there is only a few private cars. There are mostly taxis, colectivos, buses, … And sometime even private car work as taxis. So I always have to make clear that I don’t intend to pay for the ride.

Good thing is that the thumb up signal is understood by most people. And sometimes, even taxis or buses stops for me and are ok to take me for free. From Huaraz to Lima, I stopped a bus which is ok to take me to Lima. So it’s a nice ride where I can sleep all night in the bus !

The city of Lima itself is nothing fancy, neither very pretty. But it’s nice for a few days. I visit the historic center.

Lima being a costal town, it faces the Pacific ocean. It is a good spot for surfers, ad the waves are nice.

There is also the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco, full of street arts, fancy restaurants and coffee.

I don’t spend much time in Lima visiting. It is much more expensive than Huaraz for example (3-4x more!!). But the main reason I’m here is to welcome Mathilde.

As I said in my previous posts, travelling alone was becoming harder and harder. I was more lonely and I wanting to try something else. Mathilde is a Friend from France, that I met in Lille during my University. We kept in touch while I was travelling and she as well wanted to travel in South America. So we decided “Why not do it together ?”.

So, Mathilde is joining me and we will travel together for 4-5 months until February/March. Let’s hope this new adventure will be full of good things (no reasons not to).

And together, we take the road, hitchhiking of course 🙂

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