September 7 – 10, 2019
Day 333 – 336

I go on board of “My Bendición”. This boat is the one that is gonna take me to Iquitos, going down the Napo River.

I paid 100 Sols (~33$) for 4 days on board including all food. There is around 6-8 people working on board and everybody sleep in their hammock.

They load and unload the boat when needed by stopping quite often. The boat mostly carry plantains and… Cows !
The way they treat cows is… Discutable. This is a nice immersion on their work.

Nice cultural immersion is to also see locals just throwing away their trash directly in the river. Plastic or not, they don’t care !

They is a cook on board that cook us meals there times a day. Nothing fancy mostly rice and plantain or oatmeal at every meal. But really not bad !

I have read so many bad reviews about this boat and I was gladly surprised. Everybody was nice, friendly. It was quite clean. We had toilets and even a shower ! At night, we could charge our phone. Nothing luxuous, but just enough to feel comfortable and relax while watching the passing forest.

We go down the Napo River. Since it is the dry season, the river is quite narrow and not very deep (even though the river can sometime be more than 2km wide!). The drivers need to be careful not to get stuck on the sand somehow.

We once got stuck on a sandbank for at least 15 hours. Everybody was in the water trying to push the enormous boat. We succeed to get away when 3 small canoe came to help by pushing the boat with their motors.

After 3 days, we leave the Napo River to join… The Amazon river ! It basically looks the same as the Napo River. Maybe a bit larger but not much. As I said, it is dry season, and it is very different from rainy season when everything is flooded.

This time, we go up the river to the city of Iquitos. It is very strange to arrive to such a big city when I was in the middle of the jungle for so long.

The boat park at the harbor. And I am allowed to spend on last night there before leaving the boat and go to Iquitos.

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