October 19 – 21, 2019
Day 375 – 377

With Mathilde, we easily hitchhike out of Lima. Hitchhiking with somebody else make the waiting times less boring. And the fact that I am with a girl maybe help the cars to stop, who knows ?

We are now in the desertic part of Peru. The landscape is completely different from anything I have seen so far.

We make it to Paracas, a small town in the desert, known from backpacker from it’s beaches and its natural reserve.

The city itself is nothing very special, but we quickly go for a hike in the Paracas National reserve.

To go there, what’s best than hiking and hitchhiking under the sun, on these long an empty road ?

Best way to imagine it is a empty desertic area of 20km long. So nothing to see except beautiful dunes of sand, Rocky mountains and quite a lot of wildlife. We feel it is like being on Mars, but with birds.

We do a quite long hike of nearly 25km in two days. The landscape still changes a bit. Hopefully, the first day is cloudy and windy, so it’s much easier to hike.

We set up the camp near a cliff, in the middle of nowhere, under a very very strong wind. Gladly, my tent is making up the perfect shelter. We can spend the night under an incredible sky of stars.

The next day, we continue our hike and see the little fishing village of Lagunillas. Its not even a village, but just boats actually.

After making the tour of the reserve, we slowly go back to Paracas to chill for a night before continuing our journey.

2 Replies to “Paracas”

  1. Wow magnifiques ces photos de désert !! Ca change des paysages de montagnes à 5000m, c’est fou. Profitez bien ! 🙂 Bisous

  2. J’adore la photo sur laquelle tu marches de dos dans le désert : a poor lonesome cow-boy. Merci à Mathilde pour les photos car il y en a plus avec toi
    Des beaux pélicans.
    Le petit village de pêcheurs ne doit pas avoir souvent des visiteurs.

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