October 1 – 3, 2019
Day 357 – 359

In Huaraz, the best to so is to go out of the city and so some trekking. But being alone is not that easy. First because it is less funny, also because of safety issue but mainly for logistic issue (carrying the tent, the food, …)

So, by looking up online, I met this group on Couchsurfing. A group of people who wants to do independent trekking around Huaraz.

We meet in the city, plan a bit and we decide to go for the Santa Cruz trek, one of the most known in the area. It is normally a 2 nights trek, but we will do it in 3 nights because we took our time.

So us, 7 people: Txaber, Aurora, Elinor, Remy, Mehran, Johanna and me. It turns out I already met Aurora in Colombia 3 months ago, where we went together to La Macarena. And I already Johanna as well 6 months ago in the Caribbean (Martinique and then Grenada). What a small world !

Day 1

For the first, we start at 2900m to climb up all day, hiking through a Canyon, along the river.

Slowly, the mountain are getting higher and higher on each side of the canyon until we can see some snow-capped mountain.

For the end of the day, we reach a big Laguna at 3900m (Laguna Jatuncocha), where we find a good spot for camping for the night.

Day 1: 16km and +980m

Day 2

We continue through the canyon until we reach a crossing.

We make a detour to go take a look at the Alpamayo mountain, a 5947m mountain, beautiful and iconic of this trek. We hike to 4500m to the Laguna Arhuaycocha and its glacier.

We finally go down a bit to establish a camp at 4250m, under the look of the Taulliraju mountain (5830m).

Day 2: 14km and +530m

Day 3

We spend the morning going up to go through a pass. The view from the nearby mountain is astonishing.

The third day makes us pass through the highest point of the trek, the Punta Unión at 4750m, where we can enjoy another Laguna and the view from both sides.

And finally we just have to go down. We go back to following a river. We establish a camp at 3870m.

Day 3: 11km and +720m

Day 4

This is a chill day since we only have 10km left to do and it is mainly going down. We reach the last village around noon.

It was at the end a beautiful trek. Not very challenging, but with beautiful landscape.

We finished the Santa Cruz trek, but my trek is not finished. There is still some beautiful trails nearby, so I jump on another trail to continue hiking around the Laguna 69.

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  1. Quel paysages ! On dirait que la neige tombe dans la lagune avec un bleu turquoise qui pourrait rivaliser avec les eaux de Guadeloupe.

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