September 18 – 22, 2019
Day 344 – 348

The boat going to Pucallpa is at least 3 times larger and 3 times longer than the one I took from Ecuador. The boat has 5 floors ! May I present you the Henri 6.

The bottom floor is the cargo area. It mainly contain goods from Brazil that are going through the Amazon and Iquitos to Peru.

The first floor is a passenger floor with also the (small) kitchen and a small shop.

The second floor is another passenger floor. This is where I am.

The third floor is where the cabins are. You can also take a cabin to have more privacy and more space, but that also mean more expensive.

And finally, the top floor is for the captain.

The boat will be going up the Amazon river (or more precisely the Ucayali river) to the city of Pucallpa, where you go back to civilization and where you have roads and cars again.

The overall organisation of the boat didn’t really differ from the last one.

Three meals a day, but this time more diversified. At morning (6:30), we had oatmeal or milk rice, accompanied with 3 small hard piece of bread. At lunch (11:30)usually rice with plantain, meat and a sauce. Sometimes pasta, sometimes potatoes. dinner (17:30), it is usually a soup of God know what. Usually with a plantain and/or meat.

Simple meals, but healthy, quite good and quite diversified. I could have eat more, but I will say it’s my diet :p

The boat was stopping from time to time in small village. The really amazing thing was the ambulant sellers. As soon as the boat stopped, they all came to sell all kind of food or drink.

Appart from that, nothing very special. i spend most of your day relaxing, sleeping, reading, writing, drawing or just looking at the view on the Amazon forest. I could see the forest scrolling slowly. Sometimes I see sandbank and beaches, sometimes I see tall trees, sometimes small houses and plantation.

And after around 1000km on the Ucuyali river, I finally arrived in Pucallpa, back to the civilisation with cars leading to the inside of the country, ready for me to hitchhike them.

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  1. C’est cool de voir ces expériences sur bateaux qui sont encore différentes de tes précédents mois et bateau-stop, ça permet de connaître plus les moyens locaux par vraiment touristiques 🙂 Continue bien ! Bisous

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