December 11, 2019
Day 428

After our Ausangate trek, Mathilde had altitude sickness. Because of that, she decided to go back to Cusco, while I decided to do one extra thing to my Peru list: the ruins of Waqrapukara.

These Inka ruins are different from many other in the way that it is absolutely not touristic. It is not (yet) spoiled by tourism as there is entrance fee, the nearby town don’t even promote the tourism part of it and as it is hard to get there.

You know me ? That is the kind of activities I like. So here I am ! I first hitchhike to the town of Acomayo, and from there I had to take a colectivo to Huayque as only a few people go there with their private cars. There, the locals nicely showed me where to put my tent, for free, near the school.

Following is a hard and short hike. 8km to go, but 1100m elevation.

The hike is beautiful and makes me pass through beautiful geological formations of the mountains.

As I take elevation, I have a nice view from the nearby landscape and the small village of Huayque.

After 3hours hiking, I can finally overview the ruins that emerge from the ground.

The ruins itselves are nothing fancy, but where is is located… It is wonderful. You have a 360° view from the area.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

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