544 days. Almost 1 and a half year. Many things happened in that time. It would be impossible to recap my trip in just one post. But there are several things that I want to share with you.

So here is my first post about the recap of my trip. I will talk to you about the route I’ve taken.

I mainly spent all my trip in the Carribean (~6 months) and in South America (~17months).

A big part of my trip was to leave space for the unexpected. And unexpected it was ! I started this trip with one condition : Hitchhiking. At first I wanted to circumnavigate the world without taking the plane. I gave up the idea on the pacific ocean when I saw this would mean spending 8months to a year on a boat. I was not ready for that, and decided to head back the other way to Africa. It couldn’t make it at the end, but that’s part of the unexpected.

I ended up spending many months in the Carribean, after what I reached in south America after 6 months ! My first plan was to travel for about a year. And after a year I was feeling like I had done so few !

I started travelling alone, and after a year, Mathilde joined me for about 6 months where we travelled together.

The only thing that didn’t change was to hitchhike. Speaking about hitchhiking, I took note about my trip, and here is my biggest achievement :

I hitchhike over 50,000km in about 950 differents vehicles.

So far, the easiest country to hitchhike in was Grenada. Not so far behind was Chile and Ecuador.

I have been in 18 different countries. Not a lot I would say if I compare to my 4-months Europe tour where I went to 22 countries. But in South America for example, the countries are huge. I also spent much more time in these differents countries.

I really enjoyed spending more time to be able to learn more about the people, the culture and the language. Speaking of, I learned spanish. I never had any spanish class before I left and now I can speak it pretty fluently.

In all the countries I have been, it was always a new experience and new vibes. I cannot really tell if I prefered one country in particular. Maybe one day I will publish a list 😉

Here is the top 5 of the countries I have spent time :

  • #1 Peru : 3½ months (102 days)
  • #2 Colombia : 3 months (93 days)
  • #3 Argentina : 1½ month (44 days)
  • #4 Martinique : 1½ month (40 days)
  • #5 Bolivia : 1 month (35 days)

I know Martinique is not a country, but it is different enough from France to consider I was not in France during this time.

This trip was mainly a great human adventure. I met so many people. I made so many friends. Sometimes for just a few hours. Sometimes a few days. Sometimes several months. But each person I met made this trip a little bit different

One thing is sure, This trip would have been totally different without you.

And finally, I have made a short video which try to recap my journey a bit. You can see it here, enjoy 🙂

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  1. En effet, que de trajet parcouru : 50 000 km dans 950 véhicules différents. Bravo pour l’adaptation que cela a nécessité, pour l’apprentissage de l’espagnol en autodidacte. Tu ne parlais pas espagnol avant de partir . En Equateur en août 2019, j’ai observé que tu te débrouillais déjà très bien.
    Je suis très contente et soulagée que tu sois rentré car les circonstances l’exigeaient.

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