January 4 – January 10, 2019
Day 87 -Day 93

With the plan B andthe new crew: Scott, logan and myself, we sailed around Puerto Rico. Well, we tried to sail. The wind was not really with us, so it was mainly motoring. But we still had a great time ! Navigating, fishing, cooking good dishes. We don’t need more.

We had an overheating issue with the motor. So, we had to make short stop everytimes. It was a good opportunity to see the south side of the island, full of mountains andvnice anchoring spots.

It was finally much longer than what I thought, cause we spent 10 days together from Dominican Republic to the end of Puerto Rico. But as I already said, it was all worth it!

Next stop on the list is the US virgin island.

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  1. La sauce blanche n’a pas l’air d’avoir de grumeaux. Félicitations.
    As tu fait ta fameuse mayonnaise ? J’espère que tu as appris à faire les pancakes pour nous en faire en rentrant !

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