January 25 – February 2, 2019
Day 108 -Day 116

The island is called the friendly island. For sure, it is welcoming. The island is separated in two parts: the French part (belong to France) and the Dutch part (independant).

Even though is a small island, there is more than 100 nationalities on it, and people usually speak 2-3 languages at least!

Hitchhiking here is really easy. You can raise your thumb, and somebody usually  stops in less than 5 minutes. And I have been taken by people of many different nationalities.

If I also compare it to the other small islands I have been before, you can feel there is more life here. The island is full of locals, and not only tourists.

Here also, the hurricane Irma has been a huge event in the history of the city. Again, you can see damaged boats and houses everywhere. That is why many people here are working in the construction area.

As always, as a professional boat hitchhiker, in wander in the marinas and around to look for a lift more down south. I also improve my way of hitchhiking by hanging around in the sailors bar to ask if anybody know a boat going in my way.

On the first night, I didn’t find any boat, but I found many friends, and especially I found accommodation at Nicolas house.

The next morning, I have been told about a radio program for sailors. So I went there to spread the word that I am looking for a lift. I use the rest od the day to visit a bit the island, and especially the french part which is more natural and preserved.

Even on a small island, you can find some beautiful landscape.

2 days later, I met with Joel, a other boat hitchhiker from Argentina. We help each other about our tricks to find a boat. We also go to an abandoned house to find accomodation. It is a nice place with mattress, couch and we even had a chicken!

In the end, I succeed to find a boat to martinique. Lin and Lisa, the owners of a catamaran had to solve some problems with their engine. But Lin had some back problem a few weeks ago. So what a chance for me, a young guy full of energy, to help them out and having a ride to Martinique in the same time. I helped them to fit the motor, make some settings, clean the boat, …

After two days working on the boat, we were sailing on our way to Martinique, on the catamaran Amanzi Blue.

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  1. Je viens de me mettre à jour et de lire tous les articles d’un coup, c’est génial, on voyage avec toi et c’est très bien écrit !
    Ça me rappelle beaucoup de souvenirs aussi, surtout St Martin que j’avais fait avec mon père en Catamaran et les îles autour Antigua et Anguilla, il y a quelques années.
    Continue bien

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