During the course of my trip, I had the chance to slept in many different places. In this post, I will recap to you how and where I would usually sleep in my travel.


I slept 155 times outside, the most of every other category

Most of it in my hammock (88 times) which was very useful especially in the Carribean where it is the perfect place to pitch a hammock. Hammock are so perfect in this type of weather (when it is realatively warm), because it so much lighter tahn a tent. And alos, you dont need a sleeping mat with it. But you do need to get used to sleep in it.

I also slept a lot in my tents (65 times). I first got Oursky with which I went from Ecuador to Chile where I got it stolen. I then bought a new one for not long unfortunately.

And also many different nights in random places…


I spent 119 nights in hostels. In South America mostly where hostels are super super cheap.


I spent 95 nights on boats. Because yeah, sometimes you need to sleep on a boat. It is quite a lot of nights, and it was mostly at the start of my trip (the 6 first months where I was in the Carribean).


One of the highlight of my trip was to go and meet local. And some time to time, I was just asking if they could host me for a night or two, or sometimes more. And it worked.

For 86 nights, friendly local people accepted to host me for free in their home or somewhere they had space.

In particular, I can remember three particular cases :

  • In Grenada, two english guys had a boat in the marina where they would not be using. So they let me and my friends sleep there for nearly a month
Our Grenadian home
  • In Ecuador, I met again with a friend I made during my university time in the US. And Ihis family hosted me for soem time there
Showing off my french skills of cooking crepes
  • At the end of my trip in Argentina, and when the coronavirus outbreak started, we got lucky and got hosted by a french woman living in Argentina, for about three weeks.


I did a few volunteering jobs during this journey : As a receptionist, as a waiter, … Well, I will probably tell more about that later 🙂

Beeing a volunteer means that I was not beeing paid, but instead they offer me accomodation and food. So when I worked, I got the accomodations for 84 nights in total, quite a lot.


And finally, I only used CouchSurfing for 5 nights. It might seems not a lot. Many travelers use CouchSurfing quite often.

For me, I didnt use it often mostly because it requires a bit of planning ahead. And as I was hitchhiking, it is harder to plan where you will end up and when. I would also need internet and obviously a positive answer.

And thats it for this post. I could obviously so much more about some incredible place where I slept. Like on paradise beaches in the Carribean or high up the mountains in Chile, or even in an abandonned prison. But that would be too long.

See you next time !

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  1. Pour ma part, je préfèrerais le hamac dans les Caraïbes ☀️ que dormir dans la tente sous la neige. 😬❄️

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