October 20 – October 27, 2018
Day 11 -Day 18

After 5 days on the sea, away from time, it’s time to get back to work ! Well not exactly, I still manage to find sometime to look around.

But don’t worry, I essentially spend most of my time going in the marina to ask for a boat in the direction of… Anywhere.

I spend sometime in Lanzarote, especially in Arrecife (where the main marina is). With CouchSurfing, I meet Antonio, who host me for a night

I eventually manage to go to Fuerteventura on a fishing yacht.

Over there, I’m disappointed because all the marina are really really small. But my time is not wasted, because the island is more beautiful than the previous one (in my opinion) and I end up spending 2 nights on the beach, where other fellow travelers are also sleeping.

And even better: I meet Jean-Louis, a nice sailor who is living on his boat (the Seagull), travelling from place to place in the Canaries. He accept to take me back to Arrecife, where I will get more chances to find a boat. To Gran Canaria at least, the biggest marina of the Canaries.

I end up staying 3 days on his boat, spending the day asking in the marinas, and sleeping on the Seagull.

I was right about my chances in Arrecife’s marina. In less than a day, I have 2 propositions to cross the Atlantic at the end of November. But wait, there is more…

The day after, I receive a call. Somebody saw my poster in the marina office.

Michael, a Polish guy who like hitchhiking. He wants to take me onboard and we are leaving… Tomorrow ! Quicker than expected, which is is for the better for me.

I could not have hope better. We are sailing first to Cap Verdea and then, if everything works good between us, we head for the Martinique !

The Falkor: My new home for a few days (a few weeks maybe?)

Atlantic, here I come again !

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