François, 22 years old,originally from the north of France (near Lille) where I did 5 years of general engineering school (Icam).

Eternal idealist, I have always dreamed of traveling and going around the world, but without ever getting started. It’s easy to find excuses (“Oh yes, I’m too young, I can’t do what I want.”).

In 2016, as part of my studies (Yeah), I made a 4-months Europe tour with no money: The Experiment (that’s the name we gave to this trip).

One of the northernmost lake in Europe

Like a revelation, this trip opens my eyes to the world around me. “It’s simple actually! I just have to take my backpack and gather some courage. Yes that’s right, that’s all I need. Courage. Why didn’t I understand that earlier? “


The Far Away : One week-end to go the farthest by hitchhiking

After this discovery, it’s impossible to go back: the desire to continue to discover the world doesn’t let me go … I continue hitchhiking trips (like in China). I begin to gain interest in alternative and ecological lifestyle.

I inquire on the internet (conferences, blogs, testimonials). I host travelers (Couchsurfing). I participate in hitchhiking races (Far Away & Mad Jacques). My life has changed forever and the only thing I can think of is:


When will I go back?


The date is obvious: After graduation, for an indefinite period. We will still finish my studies and not spoil them. And the goal: Go around the world fully hitchhiking.

“Why go back?” You would ask. And why not ?

People wait for the weekend all week long, for the summer all year and for happiness all life. Why wait ?

Yes, I am young. No, I don’t have much money. Maybe it is not great on a resume to leave for long time like this. But when you realize that all of these are just false excuses from yourself and society, then you realize that nothing can stop you. You can do anything you want.

You can spend a lifetime trying to find excuses, or a few seconds to find ways.

Always hitchhike with good companions

I originally wanted to go with someone else. But it is very hard to find someone who has the same desires for travel, the same philosophy, the same inspirations and with who the friendship is perfect. If these are not the same, the trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Even if the trip with two people would have pleased me, I do not find any new excuse: Whether I’m alone or not, I’m leaving!


I am embarking on this journey alone. As I saw during my Experiment, it allows to be much more open for encountering others. In reality, I would leave alone. But I will never be alone.

Here is the genesis of this project:

The Thumb Tour

Make a world tour, only by hitchhiking, to discover the world, its cultures and its inhabitants. All of it in an ecological and responsible journey.

Does that makes you dreaming? So let’s get started in the adventure 😉