January 11 – January 14, 2019
Day 94 -Day 97

After just one day sailing, Scott, Logan and me on the Plan B reached the US virgin islands. We have to stop here for 2 days because Scott need to have a work permit. I take this time to go in the different marina and ask around if any boat is going in my direction.

I didn’t find anything in such a short time, but I still had some good time, met some good people and I have even been host by Mariam and Jovan on their boat for a night.

So two days later, I am back on the Plan B to go to the British Virgin islands, the final destination. More especially the island of Tortola.
Scott is going to stay there to work as a sailing instructor on the Plan B. Logan will take a ferry back to the US virgin islands to work on a marina. As for me ? I need to find a new boat to go elsewhere.

For the goodbye night, the Plan B crew go to Willy tea, one famous bar from Tortola. In the same time, it is Scott birthday. He is now 65 years old. So its another reason to go to this bar. We spend a crazy night, with lots of cocktails. It is a nice way to spend the last night together.

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