What reasons?

It’s just a deep desire that drives me to live this adventure. Here is a non-exhaustive list of my reasons:

  • A desire to discover the world with my own eyes. A desire to know what’s around us.
  • A desire for anti-conformism. I like to question the order of things that tells us what to do. Challenging the precautionary principle dictated by the media and society who would have us believe that the whole world is dangerous, that people are dangerous and that it would be better to stay at home.
  • A need for freedom, to go on an adventure without constraint.
  • The desire to leave room for the unexpected. Going out of my comfort zone. The adventure requires the idea of ​​taking an assumed risk.
  • The desire to prove that it is possible to realize one’s dreams without much resources, simply with courage
  • The desire to show that travel and ecology can be linked by traveling in an ecological way (5% of greenhouse gas emissions in the world are due to tourism and 40% of these come from the use of plane. No plane = No emission)


What for?

Sometimes, there is no need to have a precise purpose. By this, I mean that the journey, the adventure does not necessarily need a purpose but it can be an end in itself. It is useless in the sense that it will not change anything.

However, it’s me who will be changed by this trip.